Friday, September 23, 2011

Jayden's Reading Activity Lesson

Jayden asked if he could make a photostory to teach new children to the class what our independent reading activity choices were.

He completely independently:
- took all the digital photos of children actually in the act of doing their chosen activity.
- (Mrs Harland put them into photostory)then he decided which were good and which he would delete, until he was happy with the photos he had.
- decided not to do voice overs, but to type text onto each photo. He chose the font and described each photo.
- learned that the black text, in the middle of the photos made it hard to read on a lot of the slides, so he changed the font colours and placement on the slides to make them easier to read.
- edited the spelling.
- decided not to put music to the slides because he felt it was distracting.
- saved.

Wow! Jayden, what a lot of skill, decisions and persistence! Now we have a great slideshow for our new student. Thanks

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