Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Disaster Testing!!!!

We chose a natural force and then designed a house that would keep people (pop sticks) safe inside. We had to think about what our natural force would do and how to protect from it. These are our results and reflections.


  1. Hi LC 16
    I can see theres lots of learning going on and it's great to see. I miss all the Riverdale children so it's great to check out your blog and see what your all doing. I'm teaching in London now at a school called St Paul's its a pretty busy school in town and they don't even have a school feild! So you guys are very lucky in New Zealand. Keep up the good work and keep me posted on what you are doing.

    From Miss Soma

  2. Good work lc 16 it was really interesting to hear about all of your learning and to hear about some of the things that you are learning about nature's forces as it is our topic for this term. Well done.

    From Nathalie (clara's sister)

  3. Hello Learning Center 16

    Really interesting experiments.

    Why did you make these experiments?
    What did you make your houses with and what materials were the best for houses?

  4. wow that is 1 good blog. I really like it. I like the picture at the front of you blog. by jasmine room 9